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dreamerwrites's Journal

I'm a YA author. My first novel, BREATHING, will be coming out with Viking in April 2009. It takes place on the Carolina coast. The tagline is: "What if the guy who took your breath away was the only one who could help you breathe?"

I grew up in North Carolina and now live in Northern California. I met my husband at summer camp when I was 13. We have two kids -- a boy and a girl. We lived in Hawaii for a year, which was great fun, except that I felt like I was retired in my 20's.

Writing for me seems to happen best in the cold, rainy months, when I can cuddle up in the cave of my bedroom, close out the world, and traipse off into Somewhere Else.

Other than writing, I love spending time with my family, kicking back on the beach, reading, hiking and just hanging out. I hate cooking, cleaning, and all sorts of housework.