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Out of the Comfort Zone

Yesterday was a long day, lots of driving, fieldtripping with 6th graders. And I missed my afternoon coffee. Luckily last night was one of my twice a month writing groups. I love my writing group, facilitated by the ever-wise Susanne West. It brings me back to a sense of wholeness and peace regardless of how flustered or scattered I am when I arrive. One of the things I love is the way she's able to help me step out of my comfort zone -- for example by writing poetry, which I never feel like I know how to do.

Last night, in one of our writing exercises, I was inspired by the last line of the poem "A Blessing" by James Wright in Roger Housden's Dancing with Joy. That line (in quotes) became the first line of my own piece. It would have been easy to keep this private since I'm not confident about my poetry. But sometimes one step out of the comfort zone encourages another. So here it is:

"Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom"
Because it is not just the barriers of skin and bone
That hold me back.
It is the weight of words
And beliefs that saturate my brain.
If only I could step away
For a moment or two, I would see
The way they tether me
Like gravity.
The voice that cries "never enough"
And the one that insists I'm wrong
And the ever-present chorus
Of scoffs and jeers,
The reminder that I'm small.
If I could step away
For just a moment and feel the grandness
Bloom, feel the unfettered, unjudged fullness
Of my being, I would blossom
Gloriously with sweet, divine wholeness
Such that when I returned to my skin
I would glow
I would dance
I would float
Would have trouble keeping my feet on the ground
Enveloped then in the nearness of my soul.
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