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Embrace Life

I found this photo on the internet the other day and immediately made it the wallpaper on my desktop. I'm not sure I can explain what so moves me about it. I love the dreamy, mystical, almost eerie feeling of the sunset colors in the sky and on the water and how they blend with the woman and her clothing. I love the birds flying free and yet somehow in harmony with her dance. I love the beauty, grace, and openness of her leap. I love her commitment, how connected she is to this moment. I love that this image makes me smell the salty breeze and hear the ripple of the water and feel the last rays of the setting sun against my skin. I love that this woman is embracing life.

Mrs. V, a book blogger, commented on last week's post mentioning the idea of One Little Word instead of resolutions and that hers last year had been Embrace. I'm making that choice this year. It began with the idea of embracing who you are and is stretching to encompass the whole idea of embracing life. It feels like a bigger challenge than it seems like it should be. What's so hard about embracing what's in front of you?

We get so used to throwing up our guard all the time against any elements of life that are not pleasing, shutting down, trying to keep out the hard stuff. I'm trying to learn to embrace it all and trust that it's all leading me where I need to go.

I hope the image inspires you, as it does me, to embrace life, to let life take you where you need to be. Embrace.
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