dreamerwrites (dreamerwrites) wrote,

Gardens of Gratitude

Earlier this week I posted about gratitude over at YA Outside the Li​nes. I wrote about seeking out the gifts in difficult times and about how that which we tend is what blooms in our lives. This is true in life and also in writing.
If we listen to the inner critic day in and day out, if we tend its garden, blossoms of self-doubt grow. If instead we focus on whatever bits of our writing we actually feel good about, confidence and strength is what blooms. In the story itself, if we attend only to what's not working, it can be hard to find a solution. Instead, try writing the parts that are clear in your mind and see if they guide you to solutions for the more problematic areas.
I'm not saying it's easy. If you're anything like me, your natural tendency is to grab on to the negative and let it grow you a whole garden of thorns and prickers. I have to fight against that natural tendency and remind myself to look for the positive, to focus on growing the flowers. Gratitude is often the thing that helps me shift my attention.
So as Thanksgiving approaches, find your gratitude, let it help you find your way to tuning in to the beauty. Ask yourself: which garden am I tending?
It'll probably be a few weeks before I post again. Happy Holidays! Wishing you gardens of gratitude and beauty <3

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