December 11th, 2009

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Five calming suggestions for pre-holliday freak outs:

1. You haven't finished your holiday shopping and have no idea when or how you'll get it done?
Breathe, remind yourself that one way or another it always gets done. Go over your calendar and schedule in some quick shopping trips.

2. You're trying to get to an appointment and holiday traffic is slowing everything down:
Put on some awesome music, let go of the need to be on time, you'll get there when you get there. I find that the more I stress, the worse traffic gets. When I calm down, somehow, so does the traffic.

3. Every store you go into is playing the same Christmas music over and over and you'd like to hear something else, please!
Take your iPod with you when you go shopping. That way you can tune out the muzak and the crowds.

4. You have no idea what to buy for some key people in your life?
Find a quiet space, close your eyes and imagine them opening a gift from you. See they're smiles. Look inside and see what they get.
Sounds dumb, but seriously, try it!

5. No time to bake some of the usual holiday treats?
Go online and find some simpler recipes. Look for short-cuts. Simplify in any way you can.

Here's a really easy recipe for sweet-potato latkes my family loves. My kids normally hate sweet potatoes, even as french fries, but they love these. Sweet Potato Latkes recipe I always add lots of extra salt and pepper, plus a little cumin and cayenne. And if you buy pre-cut sweet potatoes and throw them in the food processor, the recipe is even quicker.

Happy Chanukah to those celebrating it and Happy Weekend to all