October 30th, 2009

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Halloween Friday Five

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Five thoughts on Halloween:

1. First a worry, cause those always seem to sneak in first for me: My 10 year old may be getting sick. Last year he missed the Halloween parade at school and trick or treating, sick with Strep. The year before that he was sick on his birthday (the week before Halloween) with stomach flu. Now it looks like he's coming down with something, not sure what yet, hope he won't miss Halloween again!

2. Costumes: My daughter always wanted home-made ones when she was little, the more unique or silly or cute the better. She's in high school now, goes to parties instead of trick or treating, but she still mixes the store-bought costumes with home-made design. My son has never wanted a home-made costume. Store-bought all the way for him. He's usually a movie character or a ninja or some other kind of tough guy. This year he's dressing up scary for the first time -- as the grip reaper. Creepy!

3.The grown-ups:  I usually go as a witch. I have a really good quality witch's hat and a fancy broomstick with a carved face on the handle. Throw on a black cloak/cape and I'm good to go... except this year -- my daughter is borrowing my hat. No time to come up with something new, so I guess I'm not dressing up this year? My husband is looking for a pig snout. He's planning to go in scrubs and snout and call himself Swine Flu.

4. Planning: I am waaaaayyyyyy behind this year. Have yet to put up decorations, buy a pumpkin or even candy! I clearly have my work cut out for me! Plus I have to be at the elementary school by 12:45 for the parade and party, so I guess I better get cracking. (Can you say no writing time today?)

5. But of course you can't talk about Halloween without talking about one of my favorite subjects -- chocolate Milky Ways were always my favorite Halloween treat, but part of the fun was the variety. I was never a big fan of candy corn or hard candy and I was deeply offended by the neighbors who gave out hard marshmallows or bit o'honey. Yes I know I should have just been grateful for whatever but come on! Ew 8P On that note, I will leave you with wishes for yummy treats and no tricks and, of course...

Happy Halloween!!!!!