October 21st, 2009

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The Purpose of Writing

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Yesterday morning I was seeking inspiration. So I opened an old notebook to see what I'd been thinking about back then. The page staring back at me was from almost exactly three years ago. Here's part of what it said:

I realized the purpose of writing in my life is to teach me how to live my life. Because what I love about writing is when I get to that place where I don't think or figure or control, where I'm completely trusting, in the flow, and just whooshing down the river, having fun and discovering new things, and where it all turns out even better than I could have imagined.

I feel like even though I get this at some level, I'm no better now than I was then at living my life that way. Daily life is so complex and busy and distracting that it's hard to sink into the moment and live from that place of connection. And maybe it's not realistic to think that kind of life is possible if you're living in our dazzling wold. But perhaps the key is to shoot for moments, glimpses of the river rapid ride. If we can make time to sink down and connect and live from that place even for a minute each day, somehow I bet that place would get easier to find. As if "somewhere over the rainbow" is inside us waiting for us to slow down and take notice.

Wishing you many moments of finding your inner 'over the rainbow.'