October 12th, 2009

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Surprise Guest!

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As promised, I have a surprise guest visiting today! Have you guessed who it is?

Some of you may have already heard that there's a teen blogger, YA reviewer, who has her very own book deal! She made the announcement a couple of weeks ago and I've been dying to find out how this came about. Teen readers often ask me about how to get a book published at their age. So I figured, why not ask someone who is actually doing it!

Here with us today, is Chelsea AKA The Page Flipper!

Chelsea, thanks so much for hanging out and answering our burning questions today

First, how long have you been blogging and how did that start?

I first started blogging back in 2007. I'd already been reviewing for some websites and publishers looking for teen feedback, and I ended up having so much fun I decided to share my thoughts on EVERY book I read. And that's that. I'm really glad I had that first whim.

What can you tell us about your memoir that is being published -- what is the story you have to tell.


Well, basically, it's about the anxiety I've suffered from for years. It's a hard story to tell, because it's so personal, but I think it's very easy for a lot of teens to relate to. I'm trying to put a comical spin on it, so hopefully readers will get a laugh or two, too!

How did you get a publisher for it?


Deborah Reber, the editor, put out a call for teen writers and I instantly jumped on the chance. She organizes the series (Louder than Words), and chooses which writers to pitch. After sending her some writing samples and an outline, HCI Books accepted her pitch, and wham! I'm a soon-to-be author. I still don't think it's real.

Is the book written yet or is that still ahead of you?


I'm writing it now, so there's still a road to pave. It makes me uneasy to have a deadline, but it also persuades me to open up Word more often. Sometimes the internet is a wee bit distracting, so it's nice to have an extra push.

How are you feeling about it?


Nervous! For one, I'm afraid people will hate it. I'm very judgmental of my own writing, and I've always been nervous to show it to other people. I've met a lot of friends online who are avid readers and reviewers, so thinking of them possibly reviewing my writing is making my nails VERY short. And secondly, aside from the writing aspect, I'm nervous for my friends and family to read what's basically my entire aspect on life. It's very personal. I'm used to writing fiction, so it's a lot different, but still surprisingly enjoyable to write.

When will it come out?


It's scheduled to come out in Fall 2010 alongside two other teen memoirs in the Louder than Words series. Mine will be called "Rae". Look out for it!

Thanks for interviewing me, and for the congrats !

So awesome! Way to go, Chelsea. Remember to look out for Rae in 2010.

Love it when people make their dreams come true

Happy dreaming!