April 27th, 2009

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Writer's Block

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Back in March, I asked for questions about the craft of writing. Thao wanted to know how to deal with the dreaded writer's block. So I thought I'd try to tackle that one today.

I have to start by saying everyone has their own reasons for being blocked and therefore their own solution to get out of it. But having said that, here are my top three ways of dealing with writer's block:

1. Usually, if I'm feeling blocked, it's because I've been writing for the wrong reasons -- like on my current work-in-progress, I was trying to write something quickly and so I focused completely on plot, plot, plot, but that meant a lot of other stuff was missing. So I got blocked. Now I'm trying to go back to the way I usually write, which is getting out of the way and letting it happen organically, not forcing it.

2. Sometimes, whatever is brewing needs a little time to percolate. Step away, go do something physical (like walk or swim) or something creative (like draw or paint or bake). Sometimes if you give it a little space, the solution comes all on its own.

3. Other times what I think should happen is at odds with what the character believes should happen. Sit down and and get quiet and dialog with your characters on the page about their thoughts. They will often enlighten you.

Hope this helps some and happy writing!