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On Patrick Swayze and Love that Lasts

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So there's been all this celebrity stuff going on this week -- like the whole Kanye thing and yet another celebrity death -- it's been a harsh year for those. What sits with me the most today is the thought of the relationship between Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi. Apparently, they met when she was 15 or 16 and he was 19. She was a dance student of his mother's. They married young and stayed together all these years. They stuck it out through life's ups and downs, through successes and failures, through drug abuse and rehab, through comebacks, and through cancer.

I imagine what it must have been like when she was a young teen falling in love with him. And I imagine the strength of their bond after all those years. Of couse I don't actually know anything about them. But I do love hearing about couples whose love lasted. And I imagine that she will suffer his loss so deeply.

I suppose I'm a sap, a sucker for romance, true love, and all that. But that's just who I am. I loved the movie "Dirty Dancing" when it came out. I was in my teens and in love with an older boy and all that. And of course I melted over the famous line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." I loved how he helped her be someone other than who her family knew her as, that he allowed her to draw out a part of herself she had never even considered before. And I think that's what the best relationships do, give us the gift of seeing ourselves in new ways and the gift of permission to try them out. I know my husband and I do that for each other. It's part of what makes relationships last -- the ability to grow and change and explore new aspects of ourselves. I think Jackson and Savannah did that for each other in Breathing. And in the book I'm working on now, it's also true of my MC, Sunny, and ... well, I can't tell you who yet. But let's just say that's a part of romance that draws me and is drawn into many of my stories.

So my heart goes out to Lisa Niemi and my wish goes out to all of you for a love that gifts you with ever new visions of you.
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